7th Balkan Mining Congress

October 11 - 13, 2017.

Scientific sessions

    The exploitation of mineral resources and mining technological processes
    Exploitation of oil and gas
    Ecological effects, reclamation, revitalization and renovation of degraded landscapes
    The detection, measurement in mining
    The logistics processes in the mining (drainage, monitoring …)
    The logistics processes and environmental effects
    Automation and management of mining processes
    System engineering, mathematical modeling and operational survey
    Management, Standards and Legislation
    Current trends of investment in the mining industry
    The risks of exploitation and investment
    System engineering, risk management and modern trends
    Mining geology and logistic geological activities (engineering geology, hydrogeology, computer integrated technology and integrated technology and engineering
    Geological activities and economics of mineral-raw material complex
    Mining technological processing - drilling and blasting, excavation, loading, haulage, mineral processing...)
    The exploitation of mineral resources (underground, surface, underwater, combined ...)
    Economics of mineral-raw material complex

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